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Lot # 212 - Auction is closed.Estimate: US$60000 / Unsold: Available at opening bid of US$ 57500 + Buyers Fee
Postumus. Aureus
Postumus. 260-268 AD. Aureus, 6.35g. (6h). Gaul, 263-4 AD. Obv: POSTVMVS - PIVS AVG Head laureate right. Rx: INDVLG PIA POSTVMI AVG Postumus, laureate and togate, seated left on curule chair, holding roll and extending right hand towards small figure kneeling before him. B. Schulte, Goldpragung der gallischen Kaiser, 92, pl. 7 (same dies). RIC 276 (R2). Cohen 145 (250 Fr.). Calico 3737 (R3). Rare: known to Schulte in eight specimens, from five obverse and four reverse dies. Excellent portrait. Perfectly centered. Highly desirable and rare. Mint State.

The reverse commemorates the "dutiful generosity" of Postumus, presumably exercised when he celebrated his quinquennalia which are one of the main themes of this issue of gold coins, Schulte's Group 6b. Alfoldi cited this type as proof that kneeling adoration of the emperor had been introduced before the Tetrarchy; Schulte (pp. 35-6) thinks that it is actually a small curved object held by the emperor that the kneeling figure is adoring. In our opinion the curved object is merely a clumsy rendering of the emperor's thumb, as also on Schulte, pl. 6, reverse dies 45 and 49, and the kneeling figure is stretching out his arms to receive a gift from the emperor, not to worship him.
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