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Lot # 8 - Auction is closed.Estimate: US$5000 / Price Realized: US$4500
Lucania, Velia. Didrachm
Lucania, Velia. 330 BC. Didrachm, 7.13g. (4h). Obv: Head of Athena three-quarter face to left, wearing bead necklace and crested, winged Phrygian helmet inscribed with engraver's name KEYPOY on bowl above visor. Rx: Lion standing left, devouring prey held on ground with front paws; above, ; below lion, KE monogram; ethnic YEHTN in exergue. Williams 335. Sear 455 (same dies). There are a number of Velia didrachms that are signed but with initials only. This is signed with the full artist's name across the forepart of the helmet. Usually this coin comes with a large triangular die break below the lion, extending to his lower body. The nose of Athena is always flatly struck. This is probably one of the finest known examples of this highly desirable type. EF.
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