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Lot # 364 - Auction is closed.Estimate: US$400 / Price Realized: US$300
Trajan Decius. AE 33.5-35
Trajan Decius. 249-251 AD. AE 33.5-35, 24.25g. (5h). Lydia, Tripolis, . Obv: AV K M K - EKIC (sic, O omitted) TPA CE Bust laureate, draped, cuirassed right, seen from front. Rx: TP - IOE - I - TN Cybele seated left on high-backed throne, left elbow resting on drum, holding in right hand long transverse scepter, the top end of which emerges behind her head. RPC 790 = Lindgren A854A (this coin). Apparently unique with this reverse type for Decius. Dark green patina. About VF.

Ex Amphora Coins List 80, May 2002, no. 125; ex Lindgren/Kovacs-A854A.

This goddess must be Cybele, for on a coin of Philip I at Tripolis the same type occurs but with the addition of a lion below the throne (SNG Aulock 8298). For the same obverse die, used with the reverse Leto fleeing, carrying babies Apollo and Artemis, see Grose III, 8732, pl. 107.3 and Aufhauser 18, 5 October 2004, lot 523.
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