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Lot # 94 - Auction is closed.Estimate: US$2000 / Price Realized: US$1500
Sicily, Panormus. Siculo-Punic.. Tetradrachm
Sicily, Panormus. Siculo-Punic.. c. 370-360 BC. Tetradrachm, 17.09gg. (10h). Obv: Charioteer, holding goad and reins, driving galloping quadriga right, Punic legend R'SMLQRT ("People of the Camp") in exergue. Rx: Head of Arethusa right, three dolphins around. Jenkins 8. This is one of the more creative Siculo-Punic issues based on the decadrachms of Euainetos. Doublestriking on dolphin in front of the face of Arethusa. Toned EF.

Ex Philip T. Ashton Collection.
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