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Lot # 558 - Auction is closed.Estimate: US$100 / Unsold: Available at opening bid of US$ 80 + Buyers Fee
Elagabalus. Denarius
Elagabalus. 218-222 AD. Denarius, 3.28gg. (12h). Rome, 221 AD. Obv: IMP ANTONINVS PIVS AVG Bust laureate, draped right. Rx: P M TR P - II - II COS III P P Sol advancing left, right foot set on uncertain object, raising right hand and holding whip in left; star in left field. BM 244. Cohen 184 (C ). RIC 40 (C ). Scarce: 18 specimens in Reka Devnia hoard. Mint State.

Ex Philip T. Ashton Collection. Ex Berk 137, 31 March 2004, lot 385.
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