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Lot # 246 - Auction is closed.Estimate: US$600 / Price Realized: US$480
Cilicia, Aegeae. Tetradrachm
Cilicia, Aegeae. Year 18 = 30/29 BC (?). Tetradrachm, 14.58gg. (10h). Obv: Veiled and turreted head of city goddess right. Rx: Athena standing left, holding with right hand Nike who crowns her with wreath, and with left hand shield and spear resting on ground behind her; AI├EAI┘N to right, ─I and club in lower left field, ─ in lower right field, date IH in exergue. Arnold-Biucchi, Aigeai, TravauxůLe Rider, pl. 2, 128 (D4/R16). Near Mint State.

Ex Philip T. Ashton Collection.

A rare coin type, known in only four specimens up to 1979 and 16 specimens up to 1999, but now well documented because of the 187 additional hoard specimens published by Arnold-Biucchi in that latter year. This Aegeaen tetradrachm is recorded with only four dates, Year 4 and Years 16-18, and the known specimens were produced from only four obverse and nineteen reverse dies. Our coin will have been struck in 30/29 BC if the era used was the Caesarian era starting in 47 BC, but a considerably earlier date for the series, with an era starting c. 105 BC, has also been proposed.
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