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Lot # 417 - Auction is closed.Estimate: US$250 / Price Realized: US$375
A. Plautius. Denarius
A. Plautius. Denarius, 3.96gg. (2h). . , 55 BC. Obv: Turreted head of Cybele right, A. PLAVTIVS before, AED. CVR S.C. behind. Rx: Bacchius (Aristobulus?) kneels right, camel at side, extending olive branch, IVDAEVS on right, BACCHIVS in exergue.. Crawford 431/1. Sydenham 932. RSC Plautia 13. Toned EF.

Ex Philip T. Ashton Collection. Ex Berk 164, 21 May 2009, lot 306.

"Bacchius" is unknown to history, and the identity of the kneeling figure on the reverse has been subject to considerable controversy. The scene evidently refers to the submission of Aristobulus the High Priest to Pompey; the alternative explanation, that Bacchius refers to Dionysius of Tripoli (mentioned in Josephus), derives solely from the similarity between the Greek Dionysus and the Latin Bacchus, and seems implausible. An Italian correspondent of the cataloguer points out the precise resemblance between the kneeling figure depicted here and Bocchus on Sulla's signet ring, copied on Crawford 426/1.
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