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Lot # 253 - Auction is closed.Estimate: US$14500 / Unsold: Available at opening bid of US$ 12500 + Buyers Fee
Seleucid Kingdom. Antiochus IV. Tetradrachm
Seleucid Kingdom. Antiochus IV. c. 166-165 BC. Tetradrachm, 16.79gg. (12h). Obv: Laureate head of Apollo right. Rx: Sculpture of Apollo Citharoedus created by the artist Bryaxis wearing a long peplos, advancing right playing lyre and holding patera; BAIE ANTIOXOY EOY to right, EIANOY NIKHOPOY to left. SC 1401. Newell SMA 64. Toned Bold VF.

This wonderful coin was one of the two commemorative coins struck for the Panhellenic festival that Antiochus IV created to compete with the festival the Romans were carrying on. The festival lasted about 30 days and had many parades, dinners, and athletic events. This coin depicts a real statue of Apollo that was shown at the games. This coin with head of Apollo on obverse is considerably rarer than its companion piece showing head of Zeus, so may be considered one of the most desirable coins issued by the Seleucid kings.
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